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4 Stage Under Counter


The 4 stage under counter is under the sink water purifier that consists of 4 stages

In the first canister u will find a 10 inch 25,3cm Polypropylene filter that removes dirt, sand, silt, rust and any other particles that can be seen with the naked eye

In the second canister u will find a 10 inch 25,3cm Granule Activated Carbon (GAC) filter this filter removes chlorine and helps with the taste of the water

In the third canister one will find the 10 inch 25,3cm carbon block filter this filter removes the chlorine, heavy metals, and some pesticides from the water it also makes the water taste better

The last stage, stage 4 is a taste and odor filter this filter betters the taste of the water and removes any odor that the water may contain

The 4 stage under counter will work in low water pressure houses and companies any pressure up to 6 Bar will do fine with this purifier anything above 6 Bar and a pressure regulator have to be installed before the inlet of your 4 stage under counter

What u get with your 3 stage under counter

  • The PP GAC UDF and Taste and Odor filters
  • 3 meter of RO pipe ¼ in size
  • 1 connection fitting
  • 1 blue shut off valve
  • 1 faucet