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400GPD Reverse Osmosis System


It is a particle separating water purifier with means the Purifier separates the water particles from any other particle attached to it on microscale! The membrane filter size is 1/10 000th of a micron that’s why it’s possible for the RO system to filter out viruses and bacteria !! Other materials and substances the 400 GPD RO removes includes dirt, sand, silt, chlorine, sodium, sulfate, calcium, potassium, nitrates, iron, zinc, mercury, selenium, phosphate, lead, arsenic, magnesium, nickel, fluoride, manganese, cadmium, barium, cyanide, chloride, hormones and pesticides !

The RO system gives u 1520 liters of water a day (24 Hours) and doesn't need a tank if used in the kitchen it is used for the beginner water resellers as well!