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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis


The 5 stage Reverse Osmosis is a particle separating water purifier with means the Purifier separates the water particles from any other particle attached to it on micro scale! The membrane filter size is 1/10 000th of a micron that’s why it’s possible for the RO system to filter out viruses and bacteria!! Other materials and substances. The 5 stage RO removes dirt, sand, silt, chlorine, sodium, sulphate, calcium, potassium, nitrates, iron, zinc, mercury, selenium, phosphate, lead, arsenic, magnesium, nickel, fluoride, manganese, cadmium, barium, cyanide, chloride, hormones and pesticides!

The 5 stage RO consists of 5 filters

10-inch 25,3 cm Polypropylene filter

10-inch 25,3 cm Granule Activated Carbon filter

10-inch 25,3 cm Carbon Block filter

50 GPD membrane makes 50 Gallons a day or 189 litres per day

Inline taste and odour filter

The 5 stage RO is a under counter unit or a kitchen purifier but can be installed any place with a water feed and a drain

The 5 stage RO does waste water because all the bad elements in the water must be discarded.

The System works best at a water pressure of 3,2 bar if the pressure of your houses water is less than that rather look at the 5 stage RO with pump to get the optimal use out of your purifier. If your water pressure is above 5 bar a pressure regulator must be installed to ensure no bursting of fittings, canisters ext.

The 5 stage ROP comes with a 3,2-gallon RO tank

  • faucet
  • 5meter RO pipe
  • connection fitting
  • blue shut of valve
  • drain connection
  • RO tank valve
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