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3 Stage Big Blue Water Purifier

3 Stage Big Blue with Floor Standing Bracket

The 3 stage big blue is a water purifier that’s installed to the main water line going into your home or into your water storage tank so all the water going into your tank or house is filtered

The filters that comes with the 3 stage big blue is two 20 inch fat polypropylene filters one of 1 microns and one of 5 microns that filters out dirt , sand , silt , rust and any particles visible with the eye . The third filter is a carbon block filter that filters out chlorine , heavy metals and some pesticides

The filters in the 3 stage big blue can be changed to your specification ask our friendly staff to help so u have the best filters for the water u have ! Refillable canisters can be filled with any media to help with your water problems

The 3 stage whole house consists of:

2 20 inch fat PP filters

1 20 inch fat Carbon block filter

2 connection fittings

1 whole house canister wrench (to open and close canisters)