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3 Stage Whole House Slim

3 Stage Whole House 20 Inch Slim

The 3 stage whole house is a water purifier that’s installed to the main water line going into your home so all the water in your house is purified

The filters that comes with the 3 stage whole house is one 20 inch standard polypropylene filter that filters out dirt , sand , silt , rust and any particles visible with the eye a carbon block filter that filters out chlorine , heavy metals and some pesticides and a GAC granule activated carbon filter that will polish your water and make the water taste and smell better.

The filters in the 3 stage whole house can be changed to your specification ask our friendly staff to help so u have the best filters for the water u have ! Refillable canisters can be filled with any media to help with your water problems

The 3 stage whole house consists of

1 20 inch standard slim PP filters

1 20 inch standard slim Granule Activated Carbon Filter

1 20 inch standard slim Carbon block filter

2 connection fittings

1 whole house canister wrench (to open and close canisters)