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Reverse Osmosis 1600 Gallons Per Day Industrial

Reverse Osmosis 1600 Gallons Per Day Industrial

6000 Litres Per Day/ 200 Litres Per Hour @ 25°C

Can treat a wide range of contaminated water

Remove 99.8% of contaminants including bacteria, pesticides, minerals and chlorine

Pre-filter treatment to protect membrane from premature fouling

Manufactured on a sturdy frame for easy transportation

How it works:

The Reverse Osmosis System removes 99.8% of contaminants from water including bacteria, dirt, rust, sand, chlorine, mud, chemicals, heavy metals, organic molecules, pesticides, herbicides, viruses and parasites.

As the membrane captures contaminants in the water they begin to build upon the membrane’s surface.

To prevent the contaminants from damaging or blocking the membrane the system is constantly flushing the membrane as the system runs.

The water wastage ratio is about 4:1, which means that for every 1 litre of clean water produced there is 4 litres that is used to flush the membrane.

RO system is also removing minerals from the water, providing you with clean water that has little to no mineral content.

Technical specs:

Production capacity: 1600GPD/ 200LPH @ 25°C

Salt rejection: 96-98%

Recovery rate: 50-75%

Connection: 3/8” Feed, 1/2” Permeate, 1/2” Concentrate

Dimensions [l x b x h]: 126 x 45 x 45cm

Weight: 40


- 2 x RO membrane: 2.5” x 40”

- Membrane housing: SS304 body + ABS end caps – 2054 x 2pc

- Pump: Italian Rotary Vane Pump 400LPH@12Bar + 1/2HP Taiwan Motor

- Frame: Electro-plated SS304

- Pre-Filter: (20” KF Housing + PP Cartridge 5um) x 2 sets

- Solenoid valve: x 2

- Low pressure switch: x 1

- Concentrate recycling valve x 1

- Control Panel Components

- RO Controller: Pre-programmed RO working procedures + permeate TDS monitor

- Pressure gauges x 2: Filter feed + RO feed

- Flow Meters x 2: RO Permeate + RO Concentrate

- Pressure Regular: SS316

- Main power switch: x 1


- Water store

- Spot-free car wash

- Laboratory

- Electro-plating factory

- Small water bottling plants

- Other manufacturing facilities

- Brackish water desalination (TDS600-1500ppm)