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Reverse Osmosis 800 Gallons Per Day Light

Description 3000 Litres Per Day/ 95-130 Litres Per Hour Removes 99.8% of contaminants including bacteria, minerals, chlorine and pesticides Pre-filter treatment to protect membrane from premature fouling Manufactured on a sturdy frame for easy transportation Designed for light commercial and industrial applications How it works: The Reverse Osmosis System removes 99.8% of contaminants from water including bacteria, dirt, rust, sand, chlorine, mud, chemicals, heavy metals, organic molecules, pesticides, herbicides, viruses and parasites. As the membrane captures contaminants in the water they begin to build upon the membrane’s surface. To prevent the contaminants from damaging or blocking the membrane the system is constantly flushing the membrane as the system runs. The water wastage ratio is about 4:1, which means that for every 1 litre of clean water produced there is 4 litres that is used to flush the membrane. RO system is also removing minerals from the water, providing you with clean water that has little to no mineral content. Technical specs: FL-800GPD/ 220V/ W/ HF 45L-Pump * 2 pcs Production Capacity: 3000LPD/ 95-130LPH 20 housing-White cap/White cup x 3 1 stage: 20 PP 5 Sediment Filter x 1 2 stage: 20 UDF Carbon Filter x 1 3 stage: 20 CTO x 1 4 stage : 400G RO membrane housing only (w/o membrane)- 3012 x 2 5 stage: K33 - Post Carbon Filter x 1 Adjustable flow restrictor: 3000cc x 1 High pressure: 15A x 1 Low pressure: 15A x 1 Faucet adapter: x 1 / Ball valve: 3/8 x 1 / Shut off valve: 3/8 20 housing-White cap/ White cup x 3- Double O-ring White Housing Wrench: x 1 + RO membrane housing wrench: x 1 Faucet: star-01 Frame : Mild steel epoxy coated mounting bracket Pressure switches Pressure pump No storage tank Installation kit Inlet solenoid valve Quick connect push in fittings Waste water fitting Connecting Pipe work Dimensions [l x b x h]: 126 x 45 x 45cm Weight: 40kg