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Reverse Osmosis 800 Gallons Per Day Industrial

Reverse Osmosis 800 Gallons Per Day Industrial

3000 Litres Per Day/ 100 Litres Per Hour @ 25°C

Can treat a wide range of contaminated water

Remove 99.8% of contaminants including bacteria, chlorine, minerals and pesticides

Pre-filter treatment to protect membrane from fouling prematurely

Manufactured on a sturdy frame for easy transportation

The Reverse Osmosis System 800 GPD is a compact semi-industrial Reverse Osmosis water purifier, designed for high recovery rates and minimum energy consumption.

Technical specs:

Production capacity: 800GPD / 100LPH @ 25°C

Salt rejection: 96-98%

Recovery rate: 50-75%

Connection: 3/8” Feed, 1/2” Permeate, 1/2” Concentrate

Dimensions [l x b x h]: 126 x 45 x 45 cm

Weight: 40 Kg


RO membrane: 2.5” x 40”

Membrane housing: SS304 body + ABS end caps – 2054 x 1pc

Pump: Italian Rotary Vane Pump 400 LPH @12Bar + 1/2 HP Taiwan Motor

Frame: Electro-plated SS304

Pre-filter: (20” KF Housing + PP Cartridge 5um) x 2 sets

Solenoid valve: x 2

Low pressure switch: x 1

Concentrate recycling valve: x 1

Control Panel Components

RO Controller: Pre-programmed RO working procedures + permeate TDS monitor

Pressure gauges x 2: Filter feed + RO feed

PPPFlow meters x 2: RO permeate + RO concentrate

Pressure regular: SS316

Main power switch: x 1


Water Store

Spot-free car wash


Electro-plating factory

Small water bottling plants

Other manufacturing facilities

Brackish water desalination (TDS600-1500ppm)