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Reverse Osmosis 2000 Gallons Per day

Description 6000 Litres Per Day/ 200 Litres Per Hour @ 25°C Can treat a wide range of contaminated water Remove 99.8% of contaminations including bacteria, pesticides, minerals and chlorine Pre-filter treatment to protect membrane from premature fouling Manufactured on a sturdy frame for easy transportation The RO System 2000 GPD is a compact commercial reverse osmosis system. This unit produces 6000 litres per day. The Reverse Osmosis System removes 99.8% of contaminants from your water including bacteria, dirt, sand, rust, chlorine, chemicals, mud, heavy metals, organic molecules, viruses, pesticides, herbicides and parasites. Technical specs: Production capacity: 2000 GDP/ 300 LPH Working pressure (PSI/BAR): 150-200/ 10-14 Pre-filtration: (20″ Filter Housing x2) + (20″ PP Cartridge 5u + 1u) Booster pump: Rotary Van Pump Motor (1HP) Dimensions [l x b x h]: 132 x 57 x 57cm Weight: 75 Kg Membrane Material: T.F.C with FRP outer wrap Size + Unit: 4040 x 1 Membrane Housing Material: High-pressure TRP end port type Size x unit: 4040 x 1 Flow Meters: Permeate/ Concentrate Pressure gauges: Feed water pressure/Booster pump outlet pressure gauge Water quality indicator: TDS meter with LCD Electrical controls: Micro-computer control, overload breakers, LED indicators Frame: Electro-polished stainless steel 304 Feed Water Parameters Turbity (SD): <5 T.D.S.: <2000 ppm=”” br=””> Temperature: +5 to 40 oC Free chlorine: 0 ppm pH: 3-11 Iron: <0.01 ppm=”” p=””>