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Automatic 1 Inch Softening Head For FRP Vessel


The 1 Inch Digital Automatic Softening Valve Head can be used with water softening media like Cation Resin that needs to be activated with Brine that is drawn through this head

The Automatic Softening valve Head allows you to backwash out sediment, dirt and rust from your resin and then draws brine into your frp vessel to activate your media

The Automatic Softening Valve head uses a digital control and timer to automatically go through the backwash , quick rinse , brine draw and brine refill settings

The Automatic Softening Valve head is very easy to program and operate. The Automatic Head allows you to set the settings to take place after a set number of days, and at a particular time of day.

The head comes with a built in capacitor, which helps to save the valve head's settings for around 3 days if the power should fail. If there is no power for longer than this, then the valve head will revert to the factory settings.


Inlet : 1"/ 25 mm Female

Outlet: 1"/ 25 mm Female

Drain Pipe: 1"/ 25 mm Female

Brine Pipe : 3/8" / 9 mm

Power: 12 v DC includes transformer for 220 v

Vessels that goes with this Automatic Filter Head is the following: 735 , 844 , 1054 , 1354 , 1465

100 Liter Brine Tank

Pipe sizes that works best with this Automatic head is 3/4 Inch , 1 Inch , 1 1/4 Inch